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How To Download Movies

How To Download Movies

Mostly of our movie download links are provided on the button below and this is our latest button design that is provided by Google so you can assure that our website is virus free and no malware because it is daily scan and no malware unlike the other website that has a bunch of Popup Ads and lots of annoying advertisement.

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How To Download Movies guide – So, basically our main reason why we created this page it is because of user’s concern’s and we don’t want users to encounter problems on downloading the videos, so we are providing you this guide on how to download movies from our website (FreeDownloadMovies.Com.PH) below are the possible pages you will see after clicking the download links of the movies you want to download.

  • First is of course you will need to click the download link button in order to download the movies, please see screenshots below.

how to download movies from freedownloadmovies.com.ph screenshots

how to download movie screenshot

  • Next is you will be redirected to other page in which the file is located and you need to do a little click to download the file see screenshots below.


  • If you see page like this you will see a countdown timer (5sec down to 0) at the top right of the page and after the countdown timer end it will turn to a button that says “SKIP THIS AD“, after skipping you will now get your desired movies to download.

how to download movies from freedownloadmovies.com.ph



If in some case you will redirected to this page and of-course this is a download link that we also provided, as you can see if you are trying to download movies and you will be redirected to this page you will see a different button but there is only one button you will need to click and that is on the screenshot below, see the red circle that is the one you need to click and your good to go.

dev host free download movies

Full Black Screen With Player

  • Now if it happens that you see a full black screen with a player in the center of the page (See screenshots below) just simple right click your mouse over the circle that indicated on screenshot.

How to download movies in freedownloadmovies.com.ph

  • Now, after you right click you will see an option like the screenshots below and just simply select the “Save as..” option then after that just wait for a couple of seconds then you will see a save as box will displayed  (see the 2nd screenshots).



  • Just select the location where you want to save the movies you want to download.


That’s it, you can now download your file without worry, We hope that this guide will help you and if you have any FAQ’s or concern then just Contact Us.

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