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UFO: IT Is Here 2016 Full Movie


1h 23min | Horror, Sci-Fi | 28 October 2016 (Germany)

imdb reviews 2 star imdb 4.3/10 520 votes

  • Director: Daniele Grieco
  • Writer: Daniele Grieco
  • Stars: Laura Berlin, Fabio Cimpeanu, Nika Cimpeanu
  • Country: Germany
  • Movie Story 
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Five film students produced a documentary about the local zoo when the animals suddenly crazy: The reason is to fly a ball of light in the air and crashing to the horizon. Convinced that they had seen a meteor landing, students follow to document the way to the event with his camera. In an area of the forest, found a crater that burns. Since it is too dark to determine the film to pass the night in his van. Next morning miss any of them. Other students are just a trail of blood and fragments of what was his friend. You soon realize that something is hunting them, something not of this world.

UFO It Is Here 2016

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